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Museums, Collections, Databases

ZKM is the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. ZKM offers information on digital art in past exhibitions like: The »Algorithmic Revolution« and »bit international«.
V&A, the Victoria and Albert Museums in London, presents the V&A computer art collection and a computer art history as well as a technology and terminology page.
Frieder Nake is the founder of the »compart - Database of Digital Art«.
The MSU - Museum for Contemporary Art Zagreb once hosted the »bit international«.
The Kunsthalle Bremen is home to the Franke collection and has a unique collection of early computer art.
The ARS ELECTRONICA Center in Linz, Austria, presents contemporary media art.


History & Technology

Wayne Carlson at Ohio State University wrote A Critical History of Computer Graphics and Animation
A media art overview: www.mediaartnet.org.
Wikipedia on digital art, computer art and algorithm. There is also a timeline of programming languages.
In German: The ZKM offers a timeline of computer history and a timeline of software art and the introduction: The Mathematical Algorithm.
See the ZKM-clip ZUSE Z22 on youtube.
Visit the ZUSE website with lots of information on historic computers and the ZUSE Graphomat.
Or visit the Analog Computer Museum.

Artists & Supporters

Since the 1960s the Computer Arts Society supports the creative use of computers.
Wikipedia on Georg Nees, Frieder Nake and A. Michael Noll. See also Herbert W. Franke.
A. Michael Noll is a pioneer of digital art.
See the art work of Charles Csuri, also a pioneer of digital art.
Computer artist, collector and science fiction author Herbert W. Franke has a website in German - an English summary is presented on www.art-meets-science.info .
The editor of the book »Computer Graphics« Johann Willsberger today works as a renowned food photographer.
Some websites in German: On Max Bense and the Stuttgart School: www.stuttgarter-schule.de and Website Max Bense. On computer-generated writings: www.netzliteratur.net. On experimental poetry: Reinhard Döhl.



The website New Tendencies presents the book »A Little-Known Story about a Movement, a Magazine, and the Computer’s Arrival in Art« edited by Margit Rosen. It also offers a database of artists.
Thomas Dreher publishes some chapters of his »Geschichte der Computerkunst« - in German.
The Website www.computerkunst.org refers to the book »Computer Grafik« by Christoph Klütsch which is available in German.
More books (currently only in German):
- Georg Nees: Generative Computergraphik. Berlin, München 1969
- Herbert W. Franke: Computergraphik Computerkunst. München, 1971 sowie 2., überarb. Auflage: Berlin, Heidelberg ..., 1985
- Frieder Nake: Ästhetik als Informationsverarbeitung. Wien, New York, 1974
- IBM Deutschland GmbH (Hrsg.): Computerkunst. Stuttgart, 1978
- Herbert W. Franke: Computer-Grafik Galerie. Bilder nach Programm - Kunst im elektronischen Zeitalter. Köln, 1984
- Karin Guminski: Kunst am Computer. Ästhetik, Bildtheorie und Praxis des Computerbildes. Berlin, 2002
- Wulf Herzogenrath und Barbara Nierhoff-Wielk (Hrsg.): Ex Machina – Frühe Computergrafik bis 1979. Die Sammlung Franke und weitere Stiftungen in der Kunsthalle Bremen. Herbert W. Franke zum 80. Geburtstag. Bremen, 2007
- Peter Weibel und Margit Rosen (Hrsg.): bit international. [Nove] tendencije. Computer und visuelle Forschung. Zagreb 1961-1973. Karlsruhe, 2008
- Wolf Lieser: Digital Art. Neue Wege in der Kunst. Potsdam, 2010

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