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This is a link list on interesting »recodes«, newly programmed and interpreted works of early computer art, and websites by some »newbies« in the field of algorithmic, digital imaging.

 Recode:    Processing Nees

»Processing Nees« was a students´ project at the Academy of Art and Design, which is part of the University of Applied Art and Sciences in Basel, Switzerland in 2011. All works are based on programs and images of Georg Nees´ doctoral thesis Generative Computergraphik. The students developed a series of interactive interpretations of his computer graphics.

Must see! Here´s the link »Processing Nees« and some screenshots:


Kathrin Scheller and Alena Staehlin, idea: Georg Nees
Bild/image 16 - 158 (swarm, interaktive)
screenshot from »bild 16 - 158«

idea: Georg Nees

Samira Liebendoerfer and Maximilian Rueck, idea: Georg Nees
Bild/image 27 - 207
screenshot from »Bild 27 - 207«

idea: Georg Nees

Marianne Begré and Helene Marti, idea: Georg Nees
Bild/image 42 - 250
screenshot from »Bild 42 - 250«

See graphics by Georg Nees at Pioneer Work: Georg Nees.

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 Recode:     The Precise Pleasures

Based on Frieder Nake´s early computer graphics, Nake and a group of his students developed the interactive installations »The Precise Pleasures«. A description and the edition of prints by the same name is already online at Pioneer Work: Frieder Nake, so here is only a short info on the new interpretation of Nake´s work:

geradenscharen mit fächerung 0
Frieder Nake:
Family of Lines / Expansion
by Frieder Nake with Philipp Kehl, 2004    

More computer graphics by Frieder Nake at Pioneer Works: Frieder Nake.

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 Newbie:      Alexander Hess

The mathematician Alexander Hess creates his algorithmic works of art by using his self-developed »tool-box«.
Here some images and links to his gallery website:

Alexander Hess 0
Alexander Hess:
Algorithmic Art
here and
here in black and white    

Alexander Hess

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 Newbie:      Mark Bern

Pixel are the defining elements of Mark Bern´s works:
More Pixel Art at: Mark Bern Art.

Mark Bern 0
Mark Bern:
Mark Bern Art    

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